YES, ABSOLUTELY. We provide you with a pre-paid express Australia Post envelope that is tracked from the time you drop it off at your local Australia Post shop front until the time we receive it at our secure office.

Pre-Loved Gold will provide you with free insurance to the value of $100. If you require additional insurance please request and purchase this with your local Australia Post representative.


  • Pre-paid express Australia Post envelope
  • Tracking number
  • $100 insurance + whatever you insure your item for
  • Tracking number


Once your package arrives at our secure location we video record the opening of every package upon receipt and all openings of packages are video recorded also during the valuation.

Until you accept your appraisal offer your items are kept in our vault which is located within our secure office location.

At Preloved Gold, we take safety seriously nd go above and beyond to offer you the most secure experience anywhere.