How to Sell Your Gold Jewellery for Maximum Cash?

How to Sell Your Gold Jewellery for Maximum Cash?

If you have gold jewellery that you want to sell, there are lots of different places to try. However, there can be a very significant variation in the cash you receive so it’s essential to pick wisely.

Here are a few essential tips to help you get the maximum cash when selling your gold jewellery.

Don’t Act Impulsively

There are lots of reasons why you might be selling your gold jewellery but acting on impulse is never a good idea. Not every place will offer a fair value for your gold and if you sell to the first place that you see advertised, you could end up settling for less.

If there’s s sentimental attachment to your jewellery, you move too fast, you may regret selling it. Make sure that whatever gold you choose to sell, you are certain about letting it go. 

Don’t forget that scrap gold means that you can sell broken gold jewellery or items with missing components. It’s the quality and quantity of the gold that counts rather than the cosmetic appearance of the item.

Consider the Best Option

Preloved gold jewellery can be valued in different ways, and there’s not a single solution which delivers the best value for all types of gold jewellery.

For example, a vintage piece which is in flawless condition may achieve a higher trade-in value if it’s sold as a finished item. This is especially the case if the overall gold content is quite low.

Alternatively, an item which contains a large amount of gold will achieve a higher price when sold based on weight. The appearance and aesthetic appeal matters less when valued on this basis, as the price is primarily calculated based on the type and amount of gold.

Go to a Gold Specialist

A gold specialist will understand the true value of the gold and will give you a fair price which accurately reflects the market value. Gold prices can fluctuate so it’s important to sell your gold jewellery to someone who understands the market well.

A good gold specialist will also offer a free appraisal, so you know exactly what type of gold the jewellery contains, and the quantity. This information is imperative so you can see whether you’re getting a good deal, and whether you’re being offered a fair price.

Come to Preloved Gold

If you simply use your local gold dealer, you’ll be tied to accepting whatever they offer. Trekking around to different locations may not be feasible, or cost effective.

Here at Preloved Gold we are experts in gold prices and offer every single one of our customers a personalised service. You’ll get a better price at Preloved because we only deal in gold, silver, jewellery and watches. nothing else.

By focusing on jewellery, gold, coins, bullion and watches we have specialist knowledge which is simply unparalleled.

If you’re looking to sell gold jewellery in Canberra, remember: Preloved pays. Come and talk to the gold experts today for an expert service you can trust.