Second hand jewellry dealers – the best way to sell jewellry online for cash

Second hand jewellry dealers – the best way to sell jewellry online for cash

Jewellry is a very common present to receive, but as any other type of gifts, it is not something that you will necessarily want to keep. It may also happen that you need some extra cash and going through your jewellry box can be the best place to start with. Once you decide to sell one or more of your jewellry pieces, here are some tips that you should know that will help you get the best price possible for your gold.

First of all you need to manage your expectations. It is very rare to sell your jewellry online for cash or any other way for anything close to what you paid for originally. Whether you have an old diamond necklece or another gold piece that you inherited and which has emotional value or it is a piece of jewellry that once was trendy and you paid a lot for it, for others is just a necklace or another gold piece. Most people who want to buy your unwanted pieces will try to make profit themselves, so be aware of that. The actual amount that you can get for your jewellry depends on many variables such as its beauty, the materials that it is made of, its rarity and where you bought it originally. 

So, to be able to determine the approximate value of your piece, you need to take an objective approach. You can look for gold items with similar characteristics sold online in completed auctions. If you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, we suggest you look for a qualified apprasier. Many second hand jewellry dealers who may be interested in buying your unwanted pieces will provide you with an estimate free of charge. They know current market trends and have an idea how much cash you can really get out, so do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you have. To find the best online jewellry buyers, be sure to double check their reviews.

Properly restoring your jewellry can make much difference in getting a decent price. You can gently clean the item that you want to sell using warm water, a dish soap, some salt or baking soda. Let it air dry and it will make that your jewellry sparkle again. However, when it comes to selling your scrap gold online, there is not much to do beforehand as you are selling it for the value of the materials that they are made of. Just mail them off to your chosen second hand jewellry dealer  and you will usually get an offer immediately. In case you are not happy with their offer, they will send your items back. 

From pawn stores to auctions and other ways of selling your gold jewellry, online second hand dealers are likely to give you the best price as they see you as a potential regular customer. However, we still recommend that you get estimates from a few different ones to be able to get to know a reasonable price that you can sell it for.