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We buy all solid gold and gold-filled items but at this time we do not buy gold plated items.

As gold and silver buyers we are educated and experienced in buying all precious metals. We have worked hard to make the process fast, easy and secure for our customers to sell gold and silver. However, if you are not sure whether your item is a precious metal -no problem! Our trained and dedicated experts will do all the testing for you to give you the best price for your gold, silver and platinum items.

Are my Items Gold, Silver or Platinum?

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Inspect the Item for Hallmark

Hallmark is an official mark struck on items made of precious metal mostly to certify the content—platinum, gold, silver. Hallmarks are distinguishing marks stamped on gold, silver and platinum items in order to identify the items purity. There are also hallmarks that can identify a producer’s mark, where the item was made, the year when it was made and the designer. Depending on the item, these hallmarks can be found in a variety of places; necklaces usually have a hallmark near the clasp, rings on the inside while coins mostly have a stamp on the front face. It is best that you use a magnifying glass to see the hallmark clearly.

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Use a Magnet to Test

A magnet test is another simple test you can do at home. Just grab a simple magnet and hold it near the precious metal.

Considering that gold is not magnetic, if your piece of jewellery is even slightly attracted to the magnet, then you know your item does not contain solid gold, silver or platinum. Cheap metals with contents of iron and steel are mostly used in counterfeit and costume jewellery. However, the most reliable and safe test is rely on our trusted and experienced experts.

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Confirm the Purity

One of the main elements in determining your gold and silver value is purity. If your item has a hallmark and after the purity marking (14k, 12k, 10K) a “GF” sign, then you know for sure it is gold filled. Nevertheless, our trained and dedicated experts can do all the necessary tests for you so you can positive about your gold items, whether they are gold filled, gold plated or solid gold.

If your test at home is not giving you any results, or you cannot find a hallmark, don’t despair. Preloved Gold will gladly do all the tests for you, fast, easy and safe. Sell your precious metals, and lock in your gold & silver prices today! Just complete the form to request a free Appraisal Kit.