We buy all precious metals including Gold (yellow, white, rose), Silver of most grades and Platinum.

We do NOT purchase gold plated items.

We buy all the standard carats of Gold (9 Ct; 10 Ct; 14 Ct; 18 Ct; 22 Ct & 24 Ct) and any in-between.

Here are some useful tips to help you identify how much precious metal your item may contains OR how pure it may be.

Examine your item carefully and search for symbols such as hallmarks which will use both the Carat and Numeric system to indicate the gold content. 9 Carat gold will be stamped with either 9K / 9 Ct or 375.

24 Carat Gold is the purest form of gold.  When you have a 9 Carat piece of gold, it means that its 9 parts gold and 15 parts other metals, making 24 parts in total.

Some other common percentages are:

18K = 75% Pure Gold

12K = 50% Pure Gold

9K = 37.5% Pure Gold

If your item is from Europe, Asia or the Middle East you may see markings identifying 20k, 21k, and 22k.

The three common colours of gold are yellow, rose, and white.

While we often think that yellow gold is pure gold, it actually gets its colour by combining 24k with alloy metals such as copper or zinc. These alloy metals will also add additional strength to the item.

Copper mixed with pure gold makes Rose gold because the copper provides the rose-reddish/pink colour.

White gold is made by mixing white metals such as silver, palladium, manganese, or nickel with gold. As it is often plated in rhodium, which is part of the platinum group and gives it more of a silvery-white colour.

We Buy All Types of Gold - The Types of gold items we buy:

Fine Jewellery; Designer Jewellery; Estate Jewellery; Bars / Bullion / Ingots; Coins & Luxury Watches