Pre-Loved Gold buys any item containing precious metals such as gold or platinum; jewellery, watches and precious metals, coins.

Currently, we do not buy diamonds or gemstones, gold or silver plated items and silver.

Diamonds and gemstones - we do not buy diamonds or gemstones. If they are included in your jewellery you may remove them prior to sending us your item or we can remove them for you and return them at the conclusion of our business together.

Silver - we do not buy silver, however, we do accept donations of silver items and forward the monetary value of the silver to the Fred Hollows Foundation. We can make this donation on behalf of Pre-Loved Gold or do it on your behalf.

Jewellery Watches Precious Metals
Watches, bracelets, chains, necklaces, earrings, rings
Designer and non-designer
Estate Jewellery
Men’s & Women’s Watches: Rolex, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Tiffany & Co., Piaget, PocketWatches, Cartier, Elgin, Gruen, Patek Philippe etc.. All gold and platinum
All commemorative and collecible coins, bullion

When we receive your items, we will examine and test them in a couple different and accurate ways.

1. XRF Machine:
Our appraisers use the ultramodern technology and our XRF machine (short for X-ray Fluorescent analyser). This XRF spectrometer is one of the most accurate analytical methods for the determination of the chemical composition and it works on wavelength-.The emitted X-ray interacts with the atoms inside the gold which in turn feeds back information to the X-ray itself. Because the X-ray can identify and recognize the individual signatures of particular atoms according to their properties, you can then tell whether you are dealing with gold, silver or another type of metal. We offer complete gold and silver analysis and precious metals analysis in real time using nondestructive gold testing equipment.

2. Hallmarks
Hallmark is a mark struck on items made of metal mostly to identify and certify the content of noble metals, such as gold, platinum, silver and sometimes palladium. Its purpose is to identify the purity of the metal contained and most precious metal items such as jewellery and coins have this hallmark. Sometimes, it may be difficult to find it but here are some tips:

  • Gold coins - the stamp is in most cases on the front face.
  • Rings and bands - the stamp is on the inside of the ring and you may need to use a magnifying glass
  • Look for the letter "K" as this designates the Karat or purity of the gold. Karat is measured up to 24K.

3. Acid test:
Gold is a noble metal which means it is resistant to corrosion, rust and acid. In order to test a certain metal, you rub a gold-colored item on black stone, and because gold is soft it will leave a mark on the stone. This test is also done for platinum and silver items. This small mark on the stone is then tested by applying acid, nitric acid which dissolves the gold, proving the item to be genuine. More accurate testing of the item for its purity can be done through the use of differing strengths of acid but the more pure the item is, the stronger acid is needed to dissolve it.